13 Successful Singers You Didn’t Know Got Rejected From American Idol

Most American Idol contestants have only one dream – winning the show and walking away with numerous fans and a hot record deal. However, winning is not always a guarantee of success. Surely, this mega popular reality show has given us some amazing stars such as Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, but not all winners manage to make a career out of it, and at best are remembered as one hit wonders. And just like winning does not necessarily mean success, rejection does not equal failure as, at the very least, the rejected contestants get exposure and a chance to impress America itself, if not the judges. Here is a list of some very talented singers who were rejected by the show, but still made it big in the music world.

Colbie Caillat

Image credit: Pinterest

Describing herself as shy and nervous, Colbie actually confessed to USA Today that she was glad she was rejected when she auditioned twice for American Idol. The only thing we can’t understand is how can anybody say no to her when she allegedly performed  what later became a mega popular world hit – “Bubbly”. Regardless of her rejections, Colbie was a born star who rose to fame with nobody’s help through the social networking website, Myspace. She was quickly singed with Universal Republic Records and released her first album in 2007. By 2009 she was already named Billboard magazine’s 94th-best-selling music artist of the 2000s.