20 Celebrities Who You Didn’t Know Are Muslim

Celebrities have their lives on display and those interested can easily find out any piece of information about any given famous person that they are curious about. And although we are often obsessing over who our idols’ friends are, who they are dating and what they are wearing, their religion doesn’t seem to be as popular of a search. With Trump’s recent Muslim travel ban, we thought you’d find it interesting that the following 20 celebrities are Muslim.

Dr. Oz

Image credit: Kevinmd

You probably didn’t know Dr Oz’s full name which is Mehmet Cengiz Oz. If that sounds Muslim to you, that’s because he was actually born in Turkey to a family of a secular mom and a deeply religious father. In his own words, Dr. Oz views his faith as  “a mystical form of Islam, closely related to Sufism.”