These Celebrities Have Insane Net Worths

There are a lot of down sides to being a celebrity. Their private lives are almost always on display to the public, they are often being followed by paparazzi, they are criticized for every little thing they say or do or wear. Need we say more? However, there are also some incredible perks such as wealth. While most of us, ordinary people, struggle to make ends meet, celebrities never have to worry about money or their credit score for that matter. We present you a list of 31 celebrities, their net worth and their path to success.

Chelsea Clinton – $30 million

Image credit: Today

The former first daughter of the US has not relied financially on her parents for quite some time now. The Stanford educated Chelsea has made a fortune through her work as an NBC correspondent and a Clinton Foundation Board member. Being married to Marc Mezvinsky, a top investment banker and a successful entrepreneur, only further increased her wealth.