15 Things to Tell Your Child Before They Grow Up

parentandchild“Times are bad. Children no longer obey their parents, and everyone is writing a book.”
― Marcus Tullius Cicero

From the moment you lay your eyes on them, kids tend to hold a very special place in a parent’s heart, well, at least for the parents who do love their children anyway! Children are cute, cuddly, will listen to and follow the adult in their life until such a time when they think that they don’t have to listen anymore. But what happens when that time rolls by and there are things you wish you had told them?

Below is a list of some of the things you definitely need to tell your child before they are too grown to really listen to you:

  1. Problems in life are not a burden but a sign that you progressing: Teach your child that the problems they encounter are because they are doing something and progress is being made.
  2. Money comes and goes but the wise save up for a rainy day: Teach them to value money and learn how to save it because they will be needing it someday. Tell them that just because they have the money today, doesn’t mean they should go off spending it recklessly without thinking of tomorrow.
  3. Celebrate life’s achievements as they come: Tell them to take time off once in a while to celebrate their progresses in life, this way; they are encouraged to keep going on their chosen path.
  4. Kindness and compassion should be a part of you: Teach them that kindness and compassion go a long way and that gratitude goes a long way in very situation. Teach them than simple words such as thank you, sorry, yes sir or madam have not lost meaning in the world, in fact they are very much needed!
  5. Don’t sell yourself short: Tell your child that they have the capability of handling anything that comes along their way in life.
  6. Embrace Change: Tell your child that no situation is permanent, that life is a constant change and that instead of focusing of what they could have done in the past, to focus that energy in what they can do now and in the future.
  7. If your don’t try it, don’t expect to gain from it: Teach your child that just dreaming about doing things or dreaming about going places for that matter will not become a reality unless they make a genuine attempt at making it happen. Teach them that they need not just think of what they have to do or be in life but that they need to start doing the things that will enable them achieve their dream or goal.
  8. Respect is for everyone: Tell your child that they do deserve respect from everyone in their lives, however, teach them that to best receive that respect, they need to respect themselves first. Teach them to stand up for what they believe and make choices that they feel good about.
  9. The right thing and the easy thing are not necessarily the same thing: Teach your child to go for what matters in life as opposed to what is convenient. Teach them to always follow the path that will strengthen them, to always go for fulfilling things in life not just the easy ones.
  10. Devote your whole in whatever you do and be enthusiastic about it: It doesn’t matter if it is the work you do, the business your running or the relationship you are in. Tell your child that doing things with devotion and enthusiasm goes a long way in making something of themselves in life.
  11. Dream big: Tell your child that they need to strive for big dreams in life, because those are the dreams that will keep the fire burning in their life’s journey. They will teach your child to keep striving for the very best until they attain some if not all their life’s dreams.
  12. Mistakes are part of life and we are meant to learn from them. Teach your child that nothing of value ever really comes to be without mistakes along the way. Mistakes are a good learning curve as long as you figure out the right things you should have done and make things better in life.
  13. Perception becomes experience: Sometimes in life, we tend to be our very own worst enemy, holding ourselves back from achieving our full potential. Teach your child that how they perceive themselves, how they think about themselves and their given situation in life will determine whether they will make it through or not. Tell them not to allow themselves to be defined by someone else because that is a sure road to misery!
  14. Attitude goes a long way: As humans, we tend to react to the way things happen to be at a given moment. It is ideal to teach your child not to base their attitude on how things are going and instead learn how to adjust the way they perceive the situation hence doing away with the stress and frustration that would have cropped up if they didn’t.
  15. No situation is permanent: Sometimes in life we think that while passing through hard times in our lives, then it is the end, there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Tell your child that in the end, everything will turn out okay and in the unfortunate event that it doesn’t, then it is not the end. Teach them that the tough times do build character and do let us as humans be more compassionate creatures.

As Franklin D. Roosevelt would say, “We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.” These are just some of the things you can tell your child if you wish them to be productive members of society when they become of age.